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Event (событие)

Slavica TerGestina, Volume 18 (2017/1)


The issue will be devoted to the problem of Event (событие) in Humanities. All contributions based on a scientific analysis of this phenomenon the cultural realm of the Slavic world will be considered for publication.

The editors of Slavica TerGestina, Kornelija Ičin, Margherita De Michiel, Roman Bobryk, Miha Javornik, Jurij Murašov, Blaž Podlesnik and Ivan Verč, would like to invite you to participate in this initiative and contribute an article from your area of work. The deadline for submitting the articles and book reviews for peer revew is November 30th, 2016.


We also allready plan the next issue (2017/2), dedicated to Polish culture. The artiles for this issue must me submited by the end of March, 2017.

Please, format your subbmisions in acorrdance with submission guidelines.

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