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Slavica TerGestina 25 (2020/II): Russian Theater (Studies and Materials I.)


Russian Theater

Влияние итальянской театральной традиции на ранние этапы формирования русского национального театра
Influence of the Italian Theatrical Traditions on the Early Stages of Formation of the Russian National Theater
❦ Мариалуиза Феррацци

Петр Потемкин и «Летучая мышь» Никиты Балиева в 1913–1917 гг.: материалы к биографии
Peter Potemkin and Nikita Baliev’s The Bat in 1913–1917: towards a Biography
❦ Нора Букс

Письма Б.В. Казанского Н.Н. Евреинову (1925–1928): публикация, вступительная статья и комментарии
Letters from Boris Kazansky to Nikolay Evreinov (1925–1928): Publication, Introductory Article and Comments
❦ Владислав Иванов

Диалогическое действо: «Факт, теория и Бог» А. Введенского
Dialogic performance in A. Vvedensky’s Fact, Theory and God
❦ Корнелия Ичин

«Дураки на периферии»: шаг к созданию абсурдного театра «СССР»
The Idiots on the Margins: a Step in Creation of the Soviet Theatre of the Absurd
❦ Мария Кувекалович

На пути к себе: драматические миниатюры В. Казакова
On the Way to Oneself: Dramatic Miniatures by V. Kazakov
❦ Василиса Шливар


Римский текст в поэтической рефлексии Александры Петровой
Roman Text in Poetic Reflection of Alexandra Petrova
❦ Светлана Фокина

Об идиостиле Бориса Поплавского (на примере поэтического сборника «Флаги»)
About the Idiostyle of Boris Poplavskiy (in Case of Book of Poetry The Flags)
❦ Никола Милькович

Псевдомемуар как жанр художественный прозы: традиции и современность
Pseudo-memoir as a Genre of Fictional Prose: Tradition and Modernity
❦ Арсений Волков

Slavica TerGestina 26 (2021/I): Habsburg Censorship and Literature in the Slovenian Lands (issue co-edited by Marijan Dović and Luka Vidmar)


Dović Marijan, Vidmar Luka

Dović Marijan, Vidmar Luka
Habsburg Censorship and Literature in the Slovenian Lands

Bachleitner Norbert
From Paternalism to Authoritarianism: Censorship in the Habsburg Monarchy (1751–1848)

Ditmajer Nina
Banned Books in the Libraries of the Styrian Monasteries in the Early Modern Period

Deželak Trojar Monika
Schönleben’s Prohibited Mariological Works

Vidmar Luka
Secularization of Book Censorship under Maria Theresa: Between Catholic Tradition and Moderate Enlightenment

Pastar Andrej
Censorship in Carniola under Joseph II

Ogrin Matija
Slovenian Manuscripts of the Late Baroque: Literary Tradition Defying Enlightenment Censorship

Svoljšak Sonja
Banned French, English, and American Authors, and Their Works in the Ljubljana Lyceum Library up to 1848

Juvan Marko
Censorship and the Literary Field: Kopitar, Čop, and Krajnska čbelica

Dović Marijan
Slovenian Literature and Imperial Censorship after 1848

Perenič Urška
Literary Censorship and the Dramatic Society in Ljubljana (1891–1904)

2020/1 May ’68 in Yugoslavia (issue co-edited by Jernej Habjan and Andraž Jež)

2019/II The first of the double volume issue Есhoes of Verifications has been published

The first volume entitled Voices of The East brings contributions of colleagues of Slavica TerGestina's founder and editor Ivan Verč that live and work in Eastern Europe.

  • Вместо предисловия / In Place Of An Introduction
  • Aleksander Skaza: Preverjanje ustvarjenega z mislijo na življenje (Zapis ob štirih knjigah izbranih del Ivana Verča) / Verifying the Written while considering Life (On The Four Books of Selected Writings by Ivan Verč)
  • Roman Bobryk: Как Пушкин попал в жернова Дерриды… Об одном (почти) литературном произведении Ивана Верча («соавтор» – А.С. Пушкин) / How Pushkin was reworked Derrida-style … On a certain (almost) literary work by Ivan Verč (coauthored by A.S. Pushkin)
  • Árpád Kovács: К вопросам метапоэтики Гоголя (Смысловой масштаб «Мертвых душ» и «Ревизора») / The Metapoetical Aspects of Gogol’s Artistic Thinking
  • О. М. Гончарова / O. M. Goncharova: Карамзин и Руссо (о повести «Моя исповедь») / Karamzin and Rousseau (about the story «My confession»)
  • Miha Javornik: Голубой/-ая Literature and Russian Holiness / Голубая literatura in ruska svetost
  • Marko Juvan: Peripheral Modernism and the World-System: Slovenian Literature and Theory of the Nineteen-Sixties / Periferni modernizem in svetovni sistem: slovenska književnost in teorija šestdesetih let 20. stoletja
  • Gábor Kovács: From Narrative Parallelism to Prosaic Metaphor (The Problem of Counterpart in the Short Story) / От нарративного параллелизма к языковой метафоре прозы (Проблема дубликата в новелле)
  • Goranka Rocco: Selbstmarketing, Selbstmanagement, Selbstoptimierung, Self-Branding, Self-Tracking: soggetto autorazionalizzante e mercato del lavoro / Self-marketing, Self-management, Self-optimization, Self-branding, Self-tracking: self-rationalizing subject and the labor market
  • Appendix:
  • Ivan Verč — Izbrana bibliografija / Ivan Verč – Selected Bibliography

Direct download link for the entire issue PDF

2019/1 New issue released: The World as Objectlessness

The issue is avalable online and as a printed version.

2018/2 Arts and Revolution issue finally released

[An extremely heterogeneous volume, welcoming:

  • at its core, some of the contributions presented at the International Conference on the October Revolution held in Rome (“1917-2017. Un radioso avvenire? Convegno internazionale sulla Rivoluzione d’Ottobre”, 6–8 November, 2017);
  • “other” voices: because the strength of every revolution is also in its (bachtinian) “excess”, i.e. in its sometimes unpredictable effetcs in the “Great Time”;
  • young voices, here to ask, like every word, for a responsible and “responsive” listening (“For the word there is nothing more terrible than bezotvetnost’” said Bachtin – of the “lack of an answer”, i.e.);
  • finally, voices of today’s russian poetry.](

2018/1 [20] Issue with focus on Literary Theory in Bulgaria is now available online as well as in hard copy version

The issue is available for download

2017/II Issue Polish Studies released

The issue is available for download

Call for Submissions for the First Issue of 2018

We would like to inform you that you can submit your contributions for the next issue by begining of March 2018. Theme focus of the Issue will be The Reception of Eastern and Western (post)structuralism in Slavic Cultures, but we will also include interesting articles on other topics. Please, consult Manuscript Formating Guidelines before submitting the manuscript. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will not be considered for publication.

A new issue on the topic of Event in Humanities was published in July 2017. It is available for download

The 2016 Yugoslav Partisan Art issue of the journal is now available online

The 2014-2015 Slavic Studies issue of the journal is now available online in Journal Web Archive

The 2013 issue of the journal, entitled Slavia Islamica, is finally available online in Journal Web Archive

Editorial Board of the journal has chosen the theme of the next 2013 volume. The theme of the next volume is Slavia Islamica. More on the theme and article submission ...

Dear readers, the 2012 issue of the journal, adressing the theme of The Great Story, has finally been published. Printed vesion is also fully available online in Journal Web Archive

Editorial Board of the journal has chosen the theme of the next 2012 volume: Destiny of “great stories” (J.F. Lyotard: le Grand récit, большой нарратив, метарассказ, великое повествование) in Slavonic literatures since the fall of Berlin Wall.

More on the theme and article submission ...